“At a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always fine bourbon”


This is the mantra of the company that produces the “Holy Grail” of bourbons. Yes, THAT bourbon. The ol Papster. The whiskey that can sometimes run into the thousands of dollars on the secondary market. In addition to having one of the finest libations this whiskey lover has ever tasted they are also master marketers. Think about this…while most big name bourbon companies crank out 5,6 or even 7 million bottles a year the fine folks at Pappy’s place only make about 84,000 bottles. That’s 7000 cases a year! By the way, they are increasing production but only by a small percentage each year so as to keep the quality at it’s current level.
And God knows we don’t want to change the taste of this nectar. If you know much about bourbon then you already know that bourbons are made of corn, rye and barley but Pappy replaced the Rye with wheat to provide a smoother taste and boy does it work. So well, in fact that there are waitlists for this product as long as 10 years.
Here’s how valuable this stuff is. Back in October of 2013 burglars stolr 65 cases of the stuff woth more than $25,000 retail value and MUCH more on the black market. The case remains unsolved. Now that’s an “in demand” libation.
“Pappy’s Day” as it is called is the day in late fall and early winter when the company releases it’s yearly supply ALL AT ONCE. People can pay as low as $500 per bottle or as high as $5000. Each state gets a small allotment and only bars with incredible bourbon-cred get the stuff. Shots can run $80 to $100 each.
So, if you have an inside line of a bottle….GIVE ME A CALL!!! I guess i’ll just have to resort to using the Pappy Tracker App. Yes, it’s real.
Peace, love and bourbon.

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