Yellowstone Limited Edition Bourbon Is Worth The Price!

yellowstone_bottom_1When I heard that the price point would be around $100 I was skeptical about this blend but as soon as you “nose” this one you are drawn into the curiosity of this drink.  The labeling alone is worth $20 of the $105!  It harkens back to a time when bourbon was young and our great grandfathers walked the earth.  Before we get to the quality of this spirit you must hear a bit about the history of the distillery straight from the horses mouth…or in this case, a press release. 🙂

“Yellowstone Limited Edition, bottled at 105 proof, celebrates the 105th anniversary of Steve Beam’s great-grandfather, Minor Case Beam, selling his Old Trump Distillery to Joseph Bernard Dant, a pioneer distiller and relative from his mother’s side.

‘It’s been a dream for my brother Paul and I to return the Yellowstone brand back to our family,” says Beam. “With this bourbon, both sides of our family – the Beams and the Dants – and their distilling heritage, come together. It was one of the main reasons we partnered with Luxco, to bring Yellowstone back home and begin distilling and bottling it right here at Limestone Branch.’

Steve Beam and his brother Paul Beam opened Limestone Branch Distillery in 2011. The distillery is known for its Moon Pie Moonshine, T.J. Pottinger Sugar Shine and Precinct No. 6 whiskey. With a history of distilling on both sides of their family, the brothers are seventh-generation distillers.”

whiskey_bottlesThey decided to only release 6,000 bottles of this select whiskey adding to the mystique of the drink. Now, usually i’m not thrilled over blends, the purist in me scowls, but this one broke me of that issue as the taste is like no other blend i’ve tasted.  Steve Beam hand picked the spirits to mix and added his own process to the equation.  He took a 12 year rye out of it’s barrels and added a 7 year bourbon to those 12 year barrels so the younger spirit could benefit from the knowledge of it’s elders.  Thereby picking up some of the more mature qualities of the 12 year libation.

The ultra-premium bourbon is the marriage of a seven-year rye, a seven-year wheated and a 12-year rye and the result is the smoothest 105 proof bourbon i’ve ever tasted.  I expected quite a burn with the 105 proof but was incredibly surprised at the smooth nature.  I’m sure the wheated bourbon helps to mute that sting.

yellowstone_bottom_3On the nose I got hints of caramel or vanilla followed by a smooth oak taste.  On the finish I absolutely picked up a taste of spice.

CONCLUSION: I give this one a 4.5 on a 5 point scale.

Congrats guys on a job well done.  Now it’s off to attempt to locate another one.  My friends devoured this in one sitting.  I give myself one of 5 stars on inviting them over while I conducted a review.  🙂

Peace, love and bourbon.


Limestone Branch Distillery

Moonpie Moonshine

Yellowstone Select

Precinct No. 6

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