A Limited Edition Rye Whiskey

Bookers_Rye_Whiskey-LabelAfter nosing around the “Bourbonsphere” for a while I saw several posts about the limited edition rye from Bookers!  At first I said…ok…. another rye. (Fast becoming the NEW whiskey….ugh)

But then I looked at the proof… nearly 140%!  Whoa!  “Now you have my attention”, I uttered under my breath.

It seems to be fact not lore that Jim Bean is making a Rye whiskey under it’s upper end Bookers label. All we can find out at this point is that there will only be about 6,000 bottles released and it will be a 13-year-old Rye whiskey.  The price is still unclear….one website says $100 the next $299.  Either way this one will be interesting to watch and they may have enough mystique on this one that it may fetch a pretty penny.  Stay tuned for more! 🙂

Peace, Love and Bourbon.

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