Do You Have “Balls of Steel”? No? Then purchase them here. :)

balls of steel

I haven’t actually tried this but I am dying to get a hold of these.  Wait…..   maybe I should reconsider that comment considering the product’s name. 🙂  Thes look awesome!  So here’s what I love about this.  If you’re like me your libation gets too watered down even with the giant ice cubes that I use.   So the science behind this is pretty cool.  Not to mention the name of their “secret ingredient”.  The Arctic Core!!!!!!  I mean really….. sounds too cool for school….literally.  Our friends at BOS say the Arctic Core is to be kept in the freezer for at least 90 minutes.  After which you use the Balls of Steel Stainless Steel Tongs to get them out and put them in the glass.  Then simply pour your most loved libation over them and shake gently to activate.

They even have a graph to illustrate the power of the balls!!!!


I like the graph….but who uses ACTUAL rocks in their whiskey. Any who……





Now, i’m off to purchase.

You should too. Go HERE to check it out.

Peace, Love and Bourbon

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