Your Comprehensive Guide To The World’s Whiskeys

tasting whiskey book cover

I ran across this recently on Amazon and felt like I had struck gold.  This book has everything you need to know about whiskeys across the globe including Scotch and bourbon as well as Tennessee, Irish, Japanese, and Canadian whiskeys.   What intrigued me is that you learn about all the different types of whiskey and the distilling traditions where they are made, how to serve and taste whiskeys, how to collect and age whiskey and much more. There are even recipes for cocktails and suggestions for food pairings.

Recently I tasted a Japanese whiskey that peaked my curiosity…. HIBIKI tasted like a scotch and bourbon blend.  Very unusual because it starts as a Scotch tase and then morphs into a bourbon finish. But having that spirit made me want to seek out unusual whiskeys and this book is full of them.

“Tasting Whiskey” is $11.27 on Amazon and well worth the price.  Highly recommended by the good folks here at Bourbon Buy it here.

Peace, Love and Bourbon. 🙂

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