The 13 Best Winter Cocktails According To Esquire Magazine

Leave it to Esquire Magazine to come up with a list that I think is the absolute dead on, no holes barred, best list of winter libations this side of a hot tottie. (Which I tried to make once and failed miserably)

Who knew that cognac and sparkling wine could make such a fine brain fade.  This Congnac French 75 sounds interesting.  Enough to make me watch a few original Star Treks with a tear in my eye.


The recipe calls for 1 oz of cognac.and a half an ounce of lemon juice and a half an ounce of simple syrup.  Just shake it in a martini shaker and strain into a champaigne flute.  Add a splash of prosecco, garnish with a lemon twist  and you’ve got a summer refresher with a winter spin.

Check out the other 12 recipes and let me know your thoughts.  Here’s the link.

God bless Esquire.

Peace, love and whiskey.

PS Just look at these….are you ready?

winter-cocktails-boulevardier-0379 winter-cocktails-sazerac-0409winter-cocktails-egg-white-margarita-0486winter-cocktails-boulevardier-0379

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